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It’s rough moving into a new city, and it’s even rougher being the only human in town–but taking over your aunt’s bakery in the middle of the city could be the solution to all your financial woes… if you can keep the place above water! But how hard could it be to run a bakery? If only you had a partner or something to help you out…

Monstra City Bakery is a dating game that includes:

  • three bachelorettes, three bachelors, and three nonbinary bachelorennes for you to get to know and romance as you make your home in Monstra City
  • accessibility for players with low/no vision
  • choosable name and pronouns for the player character: yes, you can be nonbinary
  • all characters dateable by all player genders (of course you can be gay)
  • no gender-locked routes--no need to be called the wrong pronouns just to date the monster of your dreams
  • a dateable giant spider
  • so, so many baked goods. Just, like, so many

In this demo, the game's entire intro and three first dates are playable--Callaneiro, the gorgon; Andy, the werewolf-vampire hybrid; and Malketh, the literal giant spider!

Please email me at monstracitybakery@gmail.com if you have any issues!

  • Clicking, hitting enter, or hitting space will all advance text forward.
  • Press V to enable the built-in screen reader and additional audio description.
  • Hit H or the middle mouse button to hide the text box so you can look deeply and soulfully into the eyes of your monster of choice with no distractions.
  • If you've got audio description on, you can use the arrow keys to and the enter key to navigate and click.
  • Use the scroll wheel to rewind if you miss something!

The final game is going to have more stuff, including but not limited to:

  • Character creator--make your bakersona!
  • Partial voice acting!
  • More music--the score isn't finished!
  • Achievements!
  • Minigames?!

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Check out our Patreon here to get cool MCB stuff, like access to our Discord server, as well as physical merch like stickers and acrylic charms!


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MonstraCityBakery-v1.2.4-mac.zip 322 MB
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Oh I never commented, that's a crime. This game is so super cute and all the characters are so, so charming. I can not wait to play the full game, I know it'll be a wonderful experience. For people just checking out this page: I can't recommend trying this game enough, the story is well worth it!

I love this game so much, all the characters have their own charm and the bakery idea is so cute <3 I've always wanted to see an otome/visual novel with a bakery theme and then with monsters too?? Perfection.


o. m. g! i'm in love with all these chars! they all have distinct personalities without feeling like copies or blending into each other. it's honestly hard to pick a favorite! malketh is a sweetheart. she reminds me of my grandma. :)


when is the next update? 

The demo is super fun! Got me super curious about the characters and what's happening with them. Loved Andy so much!


Loved the Demo, the characters were sweet cute, and relatable I would like the non-romance options to be a little kinder. For example with the snakes I wanted to say, "I am not looking to start a romance with you but your snakes are not an issue and I do want to be friends if that doesn't make you too uncomfortable." but it was only yes, we'll see, or no snakes are too offputting.




I AINT JOKING WHEN IM SAYING I LOVE THE DEMO AND CANT WAIT FOR THE FULL GAME , i am willing to play over and over again the game because i fell in love with everyone

OH MY GOOODD! I love this sooo much! How did the game know that I was in a committed relationship with SESSHOMARU?! I feel so called out but that made me smile SO wide! I love it. I love this game so much. SO MUCH!


Aaah this game is so cute! All of the characters are so charming and I love the personality of the baker. I enjoyed the demo very much.


I love this game so much, I can't wait for an update! :)


Andy is so precious, I can't handle it.


im so in love with this game. me and my buddies played it in my discord server and all loved it


is the full game gonna be free


I love this game so much already! The characters are so wonderful and I love the backgrounds! :D I'm so happy that I've found this,


*clutches chest* My heart! I can't handle it! 

How do you expect me to choose just one!?!?

I'm totally in love! like... Ahhhh, I'm in love.

(1 edit)

That hugeass jumping spider is SO CUTE. I didn't think that would have been one of the romances ahah

Don't ever romance girl characters, but damn she is cute I might do her route.

Also, art is nice. Cool monsters.

Just finished playing through the demo, and Callaneiro is the most adorable thing ever!


God save our bog queen.
Long live our bog queen
God save our queen!

pls more of it 


Hang tight--the full game is in development! The denizens of Monstra City can't wait to spend some more time with you!

ok i can wait ...and one more thing the spider really give me a first shock of my life it was so big my heart just stopped for a few seconds i really hate spiders but i know it's just a game but i like it

It is SUPER CUTE!!!! And I can't believe that I'm falling in love with a spider!

Wonderful and witty...also it's clear the protagonist is very into monsters from the get-go.

I liked the demo, however I never got to date the yeti, And that bothered me greatly...

You'll just have to wait for the full game ;)

I really, really loved the demo, to an extent that surprised me! I've played a lot of indie visual novels and dating sims and stuff, and I generally enjoy them but a lot of time the actual writing is just... fine? Like it doesn't grab me, but it does the job. But something about how this is written is just... SO good?? Like it's all so charming and fun to read and all the characters are so good and likeable (besides Aulus, but that's clearly purposeful, and I'm curious to learn more about them).

So yeah, huge fan of this already, very much looking forward to the full game whenever it comes out! I'm gonna date every one of these loveable dorks, even (especially) the one that wanted to literally eat me before I gave her a donut hole.

So excited for the full game! Addicted already!!

I am in love with this game already. The character designs are fantastic and the writing is charming as hell, I can't wait to see more!


I can't wait for the full game. This looks super cute! I love the idea of running a bakery. The intro hit close to home especially the college debt. Rip a life of a college student. 

This game is absolutely adorable, I love the atmosphere and tone. And I adore all the characters already~ I can't wait for the full version!~

This game was so very cute! There's so much soul in every bit of it, the characters are all adorable and the art is lovely and I love the representation everywhere! I can't wait to see more of it~

I love this game, it made me feel so giddy for the first time in awhile. i can tell all the characters are well made and very well drawn.

i havent played a something like this before and i love the bakery setting.

i cant wait for the full game! xxx

Absolutely lovely! Everyone was so nice to meet and talk to, the world is fun, the bakery setting.... SUPER GOOD. Will definitely be looking out for the final release!

I will say, there is a bug with changing from window to fullscreen modes and vice versa. The entire screen goes pitch black and you have to close and reopen the game. That is via task manager if it's in fullscreen mode since you can't see anything. A smiling Callaneiro sprite also didn't load while talking to them at the end of the date, but it didn't crash like your bug fix said. It just wasn't there.

But otherwise, it was perfect, fun, and beautiful! Thanks for your hardwork!!

Thank you!

The bug from changing from windowed to fullscreen is a known issue and the fix is being worked on, but the smiling Cally sprite issue has been fixed! :)

This game is suuuper cute! I love all the characters so far and I know I'm going to have a hard time choosing! Can't wait for the full game to come out.

I thought you might like to know, I had an issue where the screen kept flickering black throughout the entire demo, especially during sprite transitions or when I moused over dialog options. It didn't prevent me from playing but was distracting, and would definitely cause problems for people with photosensitivity issues.

Very strange! I haven't heard of anyone else having that issue, and it didn't come up in testing. Can I ask if you're using a 144hz monitor? I know Ren'py games can sometimes act funny with those.

I'm really glad you enjoyed the demo, though! Thank you for letting me know!!! 💖

I'm using a Surface Book 3 at 59Hz, so I don't think it's that. I've played several other Ren'py games that didn't have this issue, but after leaving this comment I played another game that was doing the same thing, and I found a workaround - the flickering only happened when it was set to fullscreen, so I switched to windowed mode and just maximized the window, and that fixed it. Thought I'd let you know in case other people run into the same thing.

The characters are so cute! Especially the gentle spider lady hahaha. Seem like could develop with all charaters' route:)) 

Interesting story, not so serious and way more relax to play. Looking forward with more story. Keep it up the great work!

Super wholesome!!!!

Absolutely as adorable as promised. My giant spider wife makes my heart happy

Such a cute game! Can't wait to see more!


This was incredible. I'm so excited to see where this goes!!

The demo is adorable!! I'm so excited about everyone. Andy and Aulus are my faves so far. Very excited to see more!

I really don't like spiders, ... but yours is so cute, very good demo, can't wait for more <3 

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